Kalavaibhavam.com(3-Feb): Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA), Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC) organised Village Innovation Challenge ends on a thoughtful note

By on Feb 3, 2020 in Other Venues

TITA, TSIC organised Village Innovation Challenge ends on a thoughtful note

Hyderabad, Feb 3: The first of its kind Village Innovation Challenge, organised by Telangana State Innovation Cell in collaboration with Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) who was the implementing partner, ended on a grand note and top three village level innovations getting cash prizes, among the many 15 villages who took part. The event was held in Atmakur and Amarchintha mandals of Makthal constituency of Wanaparthy district.

The teams that were declared top had built solutions varied from Agriculture, Health and Cleanliness. Multi-purpose Agri machine from Devarapalli village was adjudged the first winner and bagged a cash award of Rs 20,000. Digital Medication idea from Nandimalli X Road village was ranked second and it won a prize of Rs 10,000. Waste Management concept from Pinnamcherla was ranked third and got Rs 5,000 cash award.

TSIC Chief Innovation Officer, Sama Phanindra said working with TITA helped in reaching out to villages to successfully conduct the Village Innovation Challenge. He added, “Government of Telangana Launched the Intinta Innovator Initiative with the belief that everyone can be an innovator. Telangana is keen on nurturing innovation at the grass-root level and the participants of the Village Innovation Challenge are that belief. Many of the participants here have never thought they could invent something to solve their everyday problems using indigenous ideas but when challenged and given an opportunity they become inventors.”

Speaking on the occasion, TITA Global President Sundeep Kumar Makthala said the Village Innovation Challenge aimed at promoting innovation at the village level. As part of the program, a boot camp for the first time was held in 14 villages from each of these two mandals. Further, four youth have been selected for participation in the Village Innovation Challenge from each of the villages selected.

“The effort has been to encourage innovations that are relevant to local problems. We have got a good response from the local youth for this. Village sarpanches have been the nodal point for this program. The selected members along with TITA representatives have toured the villages to understand the problem areas and evolve suitable solutions, said Sandeep Makthala.

Quotes from the village innovation challenge participants:

One thing I can outrightly say is that this innovation challenge made me expand my mind to think differently. From tomorrow I will be an observer of problems in my village, for which I also know now how to approach a problem and solve it in an innovative manner. — Harikrishna from Devarapalli

I never thought I would try to solve the problem in my village. I wasn’t even interested to attend the awareness camp. But I can’t believe the fact I arrived at a creative solution today along with my team at this hackathon. I wish these kinds of challenges become the need of the hour in the Rural Telangana and enable us to solve our problems. Thank you to the Telangana government. — Nikhitha from Pinnamcherla

I was not even selected from my village. But I told my husband who was reluctant about this program, that I want to be a part of it. No youngster was showing interest to join the challenge, and we as a couple decided that whatever it is, let’s speak about our problem and share what we think. I believe innovation starts here. — Pallavi from Balakistapur